LNK logistics


ISO Tank Container is a safe and certain transportation for liquid cargos which is built according to IMO, ISO,
and related regulations of the world.
We supply services for your needs in one way, round way by the appointed exclusive tanks as well as Door To Door and
Port To Port services as a ISO tank container service.
ISO tank is the ISO certified tank container built to have a perfect safety against all kinds of dangerous situations and it can deliver
your products to countries all over the world.

You can save logistics cost as ISO tank is easier to handle than drum or parcel tanker transports, safe, and costs less for overall expenses
(labor charges, drum packing, etc.).

Standard capacities of ISO tank are 17,500, 20,000, 21,000, 23,000, and 24,000 liters. You can transport at container ships as the size is the
same as standard 30 feet containers.